Hypersecure Information Control

Judo provides cloud-native self defense that double-encrypts your data.

The Challenge

If you work in the cloud, you probably wonder: Where is my data? Who has access to it? How can I see what’s happening? The answers aren’t always clear.

Virtually all cloud service providers believe in a shared responsibility model for data security. The customer – you, or your business – is responsible for “security in the cloud.” The cloud provider is responsible for “security of the cloud”. But in a distributed cloud computing environment, that’s just not realistic with existing controls.

The Solution

Judo breaks data and encryption keys into pieces, storing those pieces separately and re-assembling them when they are needed. Judo’s cryptosharding technology provides both high security and high resiliency.

How We Do It

The Judo platform uses two well-established security concepts: controlling the data lifecycle and defense-in-depth. Judo encrypts your data twice. The platform uses a patented digital “wrapper” system – an inner layer of encryption protects your data, while an outer layer of encryption enforces your policies. Judo’s cryptosharding ensures that your encryption keys neither reside intact on any disk, nor transit the network intact. You’ll have a full, auditable access log, variable access permissions, and verifiable destruction of every copy — wherever it may exist.

“For security to be useful it must be easy to use. Judo has been designed to fit seamlessly into your development and deployment pipeline, protecting your secrets and your data every step of the way.”

Key Properties of the Judo Platform






Key Properties of the Judo Platform

  • Encryption

  • Control

  • Auditability

  • Resilience

  • Flexibility

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